Demonstration on the 14th of June 2014


[Please fill in the blanks or tick the box]

    (The Inscription Form should have: name, age, rank, country and dojo name. )

    [This information will be useful for the announcers as well as...-of course-...to Sensei and the organizers.]

  1. How many people will participate in the demonstration from your dojo?:

    1. Will you require to stay in the dojo in Iwama?

    2. #Days: From/June to . [only 50 people]

    3. How many women will be staying in Iwama dojo?

  2. What type of demonstration will you do?

  3. Will you participate in the party at the Meiji Jingu? [Cost of the party at the temple: 10,000 yen/person]

  4. How many people from your dojo will participate in the party?

In order to help cope with the high expenses of this special event, we kindly ask all
participants to make a donation of 10,000 yen per person.
• For foreigners, the donations of the participants will be collected in Japan, at the
venue. All donations from the dojos that will not participate can be handed during the
next seminars in an envelope with your name or the name of the dojo. We thank you
very much for all your help.
General Information:
We would like you to know that the demonstration will take place at the Meiji Temple
in Tokyo, on the 14th of June 2014, from 10:50h until 14:00h- The demonstration will
indoors. A bus will help transport people from and back to Iwama.
• We kindly ask all participants to be ready 2 hours in advance.
A pamphlet with the list of entry will be distributed to the leaders of each group. This
pamphlet will also have information about the ritual and the procedures for a
demonstration at the Meiji Temple.
Each group will have exactly ______________minutes for the exhibition*.
Each teacher/Shihan will have _____________ minutes for the exhibition*.
*To be decided.
General Schedule (may suffer modifications):
10:50: prayer at the Temple [all or just dojo cho]
12:00~14:00: enbu
15:00~17:00: Party [same location]. Leave to Iwama.
Stop at Atago and Tomobe.
If you have any questions, please contact: Alessandro Tittarelli or Tristão da Cunha