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New Book by Hitohira Saito Sensei

During the last Kagami Biraki at the Tanrenkan, it was introduced the new book by Saito Sensei. This is an excellent book containing Suwari waza and Hanmihantachi techniques as well as Ken.

The book is already out and selling well. This book is bilingual English/Japanese.

Many people are now eagerly waiting to buy this first edition.


Contact:Iwama Shin-Shin Aikido Technique book Production Division


Person in Charge:Kenny Sembokuya

Find the link to buy the book at the Iwama Shin Shin Aikishurenkai site



New DVD's of Hitohira Saito Jukucho

Recently the Hiden Magazine - Japan - has published two DVDs of Hitohira Saito Jukucho. These DVDs do not yet have English subtitles however the images are clear and Sensei's explanations are simple and yet very precise. Those accustomed to come to Iwama as uchideshi or who frequently study under Sensei at international seminars, will find Sensei's explanations very clear and easy to understand. There are two DVDs: one Taijutsu and one Bukiwaza.

Taijutsu DVD: there are Suwari waza and tachi waza techniques. Sensei starts by teaching tai no henko and ki no nagare with lots of very important information and teachings. Suwari waza includes very clear explanations of ikkyo to gokyo. Those who are studying for Dantests will find this an extremely useful and precious source of information in the absence of Sensei. The Tachiwaza chapter includes fantastic explanations and demonstrations of Kokyu-nage, Shiho-nage, Kote-gaeshi, and Irimi nage. Sensei patiently teaches with detail both yudansha and beginners often serving as uke to teach important points. One must definitely have this DVD taught in a serious and detailed manner by Sensei.


Tai no Henko

Morote-dori Kokyu-nage


- Yokomen-uchi Nikyo

- Yokomen-uchi Sankyo

- Yokomen-uchi yonkyo

- Yokomen-uchi Gokyo Ura-waza

- Shomen-uchi Kokyu-nage

- Suwari-waza Kokyu-ho 1


- Ryokata-dori Kokyu-nage

- Katate-dori Shiho-nage

- Yokomen-uchi Shiho-nage

- Muna-dori Kote-gaeshi

- katate-dori Kote-gaeshi

- katate-dori Irimi-nage

- Shomen-uchi Irimi-nage

- Yokomen-uchi Irimi-nage

- Suwari-waza Kokyu-ho 2

The Bukiwaza DVD The Ken no keiko includes ken suburi, shihogiri, happogiri, awase and ichi no kumitachi with variation. The Jo no keiko includes Roku no jo, the Jo suburi kihon, shiho tsuki - seldom seen - harai no keiko and ju-san no jo. As in the Taijustu DVD the Bukiwaza DVD is filled with precise explanations of the main movements of the aikijo.


Ken no Keiko

- Suburi

- Shiho / Happo giri

- Awase

- Ichi no Tachi

- Sayu no Henka

Jo no Keiko

- Roku no Jo

- Jo suburi Kihon

     - Tsuki Go-hon

     - Uchikomi Go-hon

     - Katate San-bon

     - Hasso-gaeshi Roppon

     - Nagare San-bon

- Shiho-tsuki

- Harai no Keiko

- Ju-san no Jo

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