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Morihiro Saito Shihan statue in Iwama


International Seminar - Russia 2011

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International Seminar - Italy 2011

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International Seminar - Argentina 2011

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September 2011 Internacional Seminar

September, 05th 2011

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June2011 Seminar

June, 16th 2010

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Works at Honbudojo (2)

May, 3rd 2010

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Works at Honbudojo (1)

April, 19th 2010

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Teacher Seminar

March, 14th 2010

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Kumijo Seminar

February, 28th 2010

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February, 14th 2010

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Kagami Biraki

February, 7th 2010

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Old Honbudojo

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Saito Sensei

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Portugal Aikishurendojo

The Associação Portuguesa Aiki-Shuren Dojo was formed January 16, 1989 (published in the Official Gazette, Series III, n. º 39 of 02/16/1989). It is a nonprofit, cultural, educational and sports association, which aims to develop the practice of Traditional Aikido (Iwama Ryu Aikido), with a direct link to the Iwama Dojo in Japan.

It aims to disseminate Aikido through a learning plan and educational, cultural, sporting and technical exchanges, without prejudice to the autonomy and independence of members affiliated to all the national and international organizations.

The members of APASD are the founding partners, clubs, associations and individuals, practitioners of traditional Aikido, not integrated into similar bodies and who identify themselves with the nature and purpose of the Association.

The A.P.A.S.D. is the only association of Aikido in Portugal that regularly sends its instructors and practitioners to Japan and to international seminars.

Why the name Aiki-Shuren Dojo?

"It's very funny (laughs). We used to massage Saito Sensei before the beginning of each class. Sensei arrived half an hour before and we went into the old kitchen of O'Sensei. Sensei used to lay on the floor and we massaged him, which served as a warm-up for him and for us (laughs) because we were completely dripping in sweat for Sensei liked being massaged vigorously.

So, during one of those sessions Sensei began to suggest several names for my future dojo in Portugal and eventually choose Portugal Aiki-Shuren Dojo - "This is what is the correct name to call the your dojo in Portugal," Sensei said.

What's funny is that it was during the massage that he was talking like this and giving names to the dojo. I knew that in the front entrance of the Ibaragi dojo there was a sign with the same name - Aiki Shuren Dojo, but did not know very well the importance it had. Later that I learned the importance of calling Aiki Shuren Dojo, for it means the austere practice of the Way of Aiki and the responsibility of having this name is great for if we were really to deserve the name, we had to practice in a certain way. If Sensei gave this name is because he wanted us to follow the Way of austere practice of Aikido, which is the way it is practiced there in Iwama. We have tried, but it is difficult, very difficult indeed. "

Tristan da Cunha