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Morihiro Saito Shihan statue in Iwama


International Seminar - Russia 2011

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International Seminar - Italy 2011

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International Seminar - Argentina 2011

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September 2011 Internacional Seminar

September, 05th 2011

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June2011 Seminar

June, 16th 2010

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Works at Honbudojo (2)

May, 3rd 2010

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Works at Honbudojo (1)

April, 19th 2010

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Teacher Seminar

March, 14th 2010

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Kumijo Seminar

February, 28th 2010

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February, 14th 2010

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Kagami Biraki

February, 7th 2010

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Old Honbudojo

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Saito Sensei

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All practitioners APASD must complete the registration form from the association. Each student must make payment of annual dues and sports insurance upon registration. It is mandatory to purchase a booklet (aiki- passport) for recording exams and internships, that document will also serve as a membership card. The registration form must be completed annually for updating data.

Entries in gyms other than the Honbu Dojo will be subject to the same specific rules as listed above, but will also involve an addition to the amounts listed below, which refer only to APASD associates.


Annual fee €20

Annual fee (children up to 13 years) €7.50

Sports Insurance €10.50

Monthly tuition:

Free Transit: €60

5 x per week: €50

2 x per week: €40

Weekends (children up to 13 years) €30 Price per class for associates from another dojo: €10 (must be registered with APASD and have annual sports insurance)

Tuition must be paid until the 8th of each month. The delay in payment involves the addition of a fine of €10.

Not mandatory, the Aikido practitioner can however request APASD to be examined on ten levels Practice, called kyu, which will serve to help you internalize the techniques of Aikido, linking the name to the form. This process of learning prepares students for the examination of Shodan (black belt). If you follow this system, you will have no difficulty in reaching the black belt.

Prices for kyu examinations:

From 10th to 6th: €5

From the 5th to the 3rd: €10

2nd to 1st: €20

The kyu will be endorsed on the Aiki-passport and a certification will be issued for each level.