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Morihiro Saito Shihan statue in Iwama


International Seminar - Russia 2011

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International Seminar - Italy 2011

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International Seminar - Argentina 2011

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September 2011 Internacional Seminar

September, 05th 2011

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June2011 Seminar

June, 16th 2010

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Works at Honbudojo (2)

May, 3rd 2010

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Works at Honbudojo (1)

April, 19th 2010

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Teacher Seminar

March, 14th 2010

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Kumijo Seminar

February, 28th 2010

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February, 14th 2010

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Kagami Biraki

February, 7th 2010

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Old Honbudojo

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Saito Sensei

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- Tristão da Cunha Sensei does not teach seminars on the same day, week before or week after courses taught by Hitohira Saito Jukuchou in Europe.

- Before inviting, the hosts must check the schedule of Saito Sensei to see if his next course will not be less than 200 km from the city where the koshukai will be held.

- The course is open to all styles of aikido. If the seminar is closed doors, no assistants will be allowed.

- In the Kamidana the master wants a picture of O-Sensei and Morihiro Saito Sensei. Of course, flowers as well.

- The pictures of the above masters must not make contact with the floor.

- The beginning of the seminar shall be dedicated to 16 minutes of meditation and 5 minutes of ritual reverence.

- The traditional greeting will be two bows, four synchronized hand claps and a third bow. This greeting will be done in the beginning and at the end of each training session.

- The mat must be cleaned before and after each training, with brooms and clean humid cloths. The students must clean the tatami.

- Before entering the tatami, everyone must clean their feet with towels that should be around the tatami.

- Shoes should be placed in an appropriate manner around the tatami.

- The master is very severe at times. If students are offended with him, it's better that he is not invited.

- No kaeshi waza will be taught.

- Shurikenjutsu will be taught under special conditions.

- Schedules should be strictly followed.

- It is forbidden to wear perfume and necklaces or bracelets in keiko.

- If an otomo is also traveling with the master the hosts must pay his for his accommodation and food. The Otomo's trip is paid by the master.

- All participants must be ensured for the practice of Aikido.

- The master reserves the right to expel from training all the students who are drunk, stoned, dirty, with earrings, necklaces and ornaments – and who refuse to remove them, who use force unlawfully and/or are rude towards their partners.

- The seminar cannot be filmed.

- Assistants cannot eat, drink, smoke, read, or talk on mobile phones.

- The teacher can modify, add or remove items from the above list.

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